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Simon's Rock Students of the Future

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November 17th, 2011

07:45 pm - A few questions
Hey guys! I'm considering applying to Simon's Rock for the 2012-2013 school year. I'm currently a Junior in high school, so I would be attending instead of finishing up with Senior year. Anywho, I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find the answers for so far.

1. What's the social scene like? I've actually read some stuff about this, but I'm curious for more opinions. Is it generally more cliquey, or do people hangout with whoever? What about partying and such? I know that there isn't going to be ragers or anything like that, but atleast social gatherings?

2. Is the workload completely overwhelming? I've read that it's a really hard school. Will I still have time to sleep and socialize?

3. If I hate it (hopefully this won't be an issue), can I transfer into a regular 4-year college after freshman year? Or do I have to earn my AA before I can transfer?

4. I know it's really cold there. Is there decent heating inside the dorms?

Thanks!! :)

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April 23rd, 2011

02:57 pm - Financial Aid?
Hello all! I was accepted to Simon's Rock, and I really hope that there are some people still lurking about here.

My question is about financial aid: I received an AEP scholarship but only the usual loan offers from the fin. aid office. My FAFSA EFC is pretty high, but my dad still can't afford sending me to Simon's Rock practically. We've submitted an appeal, but we haven't heard back from the financial aid office (we appealed two weeks ago). I know they usually look over appeals in Mid-May, but is this always true? Do they sometimes come to a decision earlier?

What am I to do about the enrollment deposit? Can we get an extension on the May 1st deadline so we don't have to put down money until a conclusion is reached on our appeal?

And finally, is FinAid reconsidered every year? My dad is concerned that if I go to Simon's Rock, I will accumulate too much debt as an undergrad, and my goal is to either get a Ph.D or an MD (Astrobiology/Forensic Anthropology/Neuroscience with focus on schizophrenia/ER doc)

Some other questions/summation of those above:
  • How are you affording Simon's Rock? (if you don't mind my asking)
  • Does anyone have a successful FinAid appeal story? How much did you get? (again, if you don't mind my asking)
  • For Alumni/Upperclassmen: Is the debt you've accumulated crushing?
  • Are there additional large scholarship opportunities for returning students besides AEP?
  • Does your family consider your schooling a sound financial decision?
  • Do freshman year credits transfer well? (should I need to transfer after freshman year due to financials)
Thank you! Sorry if my above post is intrusive; I really, really would love to attend Simon's Rock, but I need to convince my dad that this is a good financial decision.
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June 27th, 2010

10:17 pm - Schedule!
So I don't know how often people check the community, but here's my schedule! I was wondering if anyone has anything to say about any of the professors? Or have the same classes? I think I'm taking 15/16 credits, is that too much? :D

FYS with Mathews-TR
Music Theory with Wallach-MWF
Paris on the Page with Tebben-MW
Ceramics with Krupka-MW
Nature and Literature with Hutchinson-TR
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May 11th, 2010

06:52 pm - Questions
Hi y'all. I just got accepted to Simon's Rock, but between now and whenever school starts I'd like to prepare myself as much as possible for whatever's coming. Sooo, I have some questions:

1.) What are some good on-campus jobs, if such a thing exists?

2.) California people/people form other warm places- What's the deal with winter? Any tips on jackets, gear, etc.

3.) Does anyone have any creative ways of paying for tuition?

4.) I've heard that S.R is pretty white, racially. That's fine and all, but I would want to know if there are any kind of weird racial tensions or auto-segregation. Please be honest if there are.

5.) Any other helpful advice at all is much appreciated. Really.
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April 2nd, 2010

08:49 pm - appealing for additional financial aid, etc.
just wondering... anybody that has appealed for more financial aid than they were originally offered... can you explain that process to me?
I got $5k in AEP, $1k of alumni referral, and in the financial aid package, along with a few direct loans and whatever they put in there, I end up paying an approximate $23880, but I can afford $6k plus books, and supplies... [this is all per year, btw]

just wondering how the process works.

also, my parents don't have the best credit, but if we can manage getting student loans, that's absolutely okay. however, that is going to be a more difficult process than one would hope.

I'd love any and all advice available... thanks :]

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March 12th, 2010

08:38 pm - So...uh...
who else is going to be at AEP day April 3rd?? :D
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March 11th, 2010

05:37 pm - Questions :)
Hi! Lately I've been skulking about the website for Simon's Rock and it seems like a really amazing place, but I have a few questions that I can't find anywhere, so...

1. I'm currently a junior, so I'd be applying to enter in place of what would be my senior year of high school. I know a lot of people transfer after completing the AA--if I'm applying as a junior, would I transfer to start my sophomore year somewhere else, or stay at Simon's Rock for a sophomore year? Is it possible to complete the AA in a year? 

2. What are the people like? The website describes it as a really quirky, academic kind of place, is this the case? 

3. What's the deal with concentrations? And what's the math requirement like? 

4. If I do enter after my junior year, will I be in the minority? Do more enter after tenth than do after eleventh, or is it more or less even? 


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March 6th, 2010

06:21 pm - random question from the annoying lady on the left
i was looking through the list of scholarships, and i saw one called the reed scholarship
and i was wondering if anyone knows anyone who received that or any info about it.
since it seems that all the other ones i'm ineligible for.

i'm not black
i don't live in the berkshires
i was referred by google
i'm dirt dirt poor (like literally, my family can't afford flooring so yeah that's disgusting i shouldn't have said that)
and i don't wear a hearing aid


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12:12 am - Some question about Simon's Rock

Hi! I'm a Simon's Rock prospie (my applications all in except for some stuff from my rather lethargic guidance counselor...) but I have a few questions.

I come from a very straight-and-narrow family so I was a bit concerned about the all the reports of drugs and drug-users on campus. However it's very likely a lot of what I read was exagerated. So how big of a problem are drugs on campus?

Also, I am actually only a freshman in my high school, but I have heard of them accepting kids younger than 10th and 11th grades. I mean, didn't they accept Ronan Farrow when he was 11? Do I have a chance of getting in? I am an all Honors, straight A student with a fair amount of extra and co-ciriculars.

Thirdly: I've heard some unsettling reports that it can be kind of hard to transfer; a lot of hassle, credits not transffering, etc. Did any of you alum have experiences like that? Especially when transffering to "good" schools? I myself would like to transfer to Williams after I get my A.A. (assuming that I get into SR that is. Fingers crossed!) Have you heard of anyone that transferred to Williams?



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February 11th, 2010

07:02 am
i know this is going to be a really annoying question, but here goes:
i received:
D in h calc
A in ap psych
A (?) in political science (college course, doesn't show upon hs transcript)
A in ap lit
A in h physio
how much will the D affect me?
and i just received my sat scores this morning. they went down from when i took it in middle school. i received a 2100.

since i'm super desperate for financial aid, obviously this will hinge mostly on aep. i have a ton of need (this is old info), but this clearly doesn't show the best "merit". what position do you think i am in at the moment?
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